International Community

The International Catholic Community of Eindhoven
This is an English Speaking Roman Catholic church with members who come from around 38 different nationalities. It is a vibrant and welcoming Catholic community called to continue the mission and knowledge of Christ on earth. The community is part of St Joris parish but we celebrate the holy mass every Sunday at 12.30 hrs. in the Lambert church. It is a gathering of mixed community made up of employees of different international companies, people engaged in studies and research at the technical university of Eindhoven, Fontys High School, Design Academy, young migrant families and guests in Eindhoven. Despite our many different backgrounds, cultures and languages, our community is united through the bond of our faith. We promote a great sense of togetherness and active participation in all our community activities.

Our activities
The community organizes quite a number of activities throughout the year. After the usual Sunday mass we have a get-together with coffee, tea and snacks in the church hall. This is a very important event because it brings people together and especially serves as an opportunity for newcomers to get introduced to our community. We are in solidarity with the poor. Our community has been actively involved in charitable and humanitarian works like organizing dinner and relief service for the homeless and the less privilege.


In addition, we also organize the feast days like children’s day (Sinterklaas), Christmas party, Divine Mercy Sunday, Pentecost celebration and First Holy Communion. Do come and visit us - you are bound to find someone with whom you have something in common! Enjoy the experience of an English speaking mass in Eindhoven. We are always happy to welcome guests and new members in our community.

John Onoja C.S.Sp. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.