The birth of a child is a unique event. In many parents, it awakens such a sense of gratitude that they would like God’s blessing for the future of their child. Baptism is the first sacrament; the child is ‘washed’ with holy water and anointed with holy oil.

We would very much like, together with you, to prepare the baptism thoroughly. It is therefore important that you register in a timely manner (see below for further details). Two preparation evenings are held each month for all parents collectively. The baptism (ceremony) itself can be held in any of the catholic churches in our parish that has your preference.

010doopvontThe first evening
This first evening serves as an introduction and will also include the question regarding the motivation of why the parents would like to have their child(ren) baptised. The evening will continue with an explanation of the baptism liturgy (service), as many things take place during the ceremony such as prayer, each with their own importance and meaning. In this way, it should become clear what the holy sacrament of baptism, in fact even more of being baptised, actually means.

The second evening
How to act in the upbringing of children and especially regarding one’s personal spiritual life? To help address and facilitate the discussion, question cards will be used where each parent couple will draw and try to answer the question on the card. The intention is not corner parents with their answers, but to encourage them to think, to further develop and grow their own personal spirituality as this has a direct bearing on the upbringing of their children.

Dates and times
The preparation evenings take place at the Pastoral Centre, St. Jorislaan 51 in Eindhoven and start at 20:00 hrs. As mentioned, preparation evenings take place each month.

Please use the link and complete the registration form: Click here for registration form.  
Once you have filled it in, please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The holy sacrament of baptism (preparation and ceremony) is free-of-charge.