In the sad time around the death of a loved one, the rituals of a church funeral can provide guidance and comfort. As a parish community, we say goodbye with you during the funeral, in the light of Christ who has promised us life without end.


When a loved one dies, the family is usually confronted with many things. We would very much like to provide you with pastoral support and assist you in these difficult days.
A lot of things need to be sorted out. You can contact the parish directly in the event of a death at tel.nr. (06) 45 36 10 04.

Funeral service

A church funeral in one of the churches is possible for parishioners. People are parishioners if they live in the area of the parish. Some people live outside the parish boundaries, but have a strong current connection with the parish, for example if they are active in a church choir or working group, or participate in the church contribution. If people are also registered in the parish members administration, they can also count on the services of the parish in the event of a death and funeral.