Welcome to the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Joris (St. George) in Eindhoven, good that you have found your digital way to us!

The St. Joris parish in its current state is quite a young parish with over 40.000 parishioners from all around the world, so you could say we are quite international. As in every parish, the heart is formed through the bond we have with Our Lord Jesus Christ both in word and through the sacraments, as well as through the bond that can grow between us as parishioners. This is the foundation that can give substance to our mission here in the city of Eindhoven; to bring the light of Our Lord everywhere in day-to-day life.

pastoorwilminkThe parish offers much in the form of enrichment, lithurgy, of coming together and community work and this website will hopefully assist you to find your way. You are more than welcome to contribute to the parish with your own talents and charisma and I sincerely hope we will soon meet in the real world!

Warmest regards and God Bless you.

Father R. Wilmink

(Parish priest St. Joris)